Welcome to the homepage of the German International School Riyadh!

As principal, I would like to welcome you to our homepage and invite you to visit our school.

Get a first impression of the modern premises of our school, which are located along with the excellent sports facilities on the grounds of Al Bustan Village.

In our school, with the regular language of instruction German, our Kindergarten children start with early English. From elementary school, our students have two hours of Arabic per week. French is added as another foreign language in grade 6.

The school objective is the central examinations in the grade 10. With the passing of these examinations, our high school students - provided appropriate achievements - acquire the access authorization for the senior secondary school and can easily switch to any German high school to take their „Abitur“.

Click through the pages of our homepage and you will find out that there is a Christmas party, a summer party, field trips, there is a parents' council, student representatives, as at any other school in Germany , a computer room, etc. Some of it has its regional character. Santa Claus, for example, is coming on a camel with his gifts at Christmas, the summer party is taking place by the pool, field trip destinations are often in the desert.

Hoping to have made you curious about our school, we would be delighted to welcome you here at the school.
Uwe Schüsterl

Philipp Kovermann


Dominik Mandel

Vice principal

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