The German International School Riyadh, with the title of an excellent German School abroad, is represented by elected board members from among the members of the school association. The pedagogical area is represented by the principal, the deputy principal and the elementary school principal. An extended school leadership circle, in which the kindergarten leader, the clinic group leader, the administration manager and an employee of the school office are represented, complete this area.
The DISR clinic group is the coordinating body for the project groups in the context of school development and quality management. The possibility of participation in regional teacher training (ReFo) as well as their multiplication as part of in-house teacher trainings and pedagogical days emphasize this.
The faculty consists of (ADLK), who were dispatched from the Central Office for Schools Abroad (ZfA) from Germany, and of in German-speaking countries recruited teachers (DOLK). In addition, DISR has local teachers (OLK) recruited in Saudi Arabia.
From second grade onwards, our students are represented by a class representative through the Student Council (SMV). Students vote for both student council representatives  and liaison teachers.
The Parents’ Council of our school is a permanent member of the public board meetings and involved in various decision-making processes.





To keep developing, we focus on the following objectives:
Educational development
•    We plan to introduce the mixed-language International Baccalaureate (GIB).
•    The transition between elementary and secondary school is professionalized through a lively exchange.
Pedagogical Quality Management (PQM)

•    Further development of teaching through differentiation and individualization as well as the increased use of cooperative forms of learning.
•    Method training in all grades.
•    Inclusive learning to meet the needs of all students.
•    Establishment of an intensive feedback culture.



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