Student Coresponsibility (SMV) is more than just a point of contact for students' concerns. As an important part of the school community, the SMV is strongly involved in actively shaping school life. From grade 2 onwards, the class representatives meet regularly. During the school year, the SMV organises activities and events, but is also committed to the interests of the pupils and makes constructive suggestions regarding rules and regulations, such as the organisation of break time activities.

An essential feature of this is that the planned activities "come from within", i.e. the pupils initiate activities and organise them largely independently. They are also supported in this by the liaison teacher.

Examples of this are, in addition to helping to organise the Christmas party, the organisation of a carnival party including a costume award ceremony, a football tournament and a water battle.


Our SMV also takes responsibility for others and looks beyond the end of its nose. For years, our sponsored child Joseph in India has been supported by campaigns such as a cake sale, sponsor reading and a sponsor run, as well as by local charity campaigns in response to current events.

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