The school library of the German International School Riyadh...
  • is an integral part of everyday school life.

  • is a place of reading culture.

  • serves as an element of reading promotion.

  • makes our pupils want to read books.

  • is exciting and interesting.

  • invites you to linger.

  • offers retreat and peace.

  • is integrated into the lessons as a place of learning.

  • offers advice and support from the teacher.

  • is constantly expanded and updated.

  • offers a wide range of material for book presentations or for researching factual information.

  • is largely equipped with "Antolin" books.

Rules for the book lending


  • The books are borrowed during the library lesson under the supervision of a teacher.

  • Books that have been viewed must be returned to the correct place. The pupils also return the books to the right place on their own.

  • Borrowed books must be handled carefully.     
    Books that are returned damaged must be replaced.

  • The loan period is one week.

  • Eating and drinking is not allowed during library hours. Noise and rioting are also forbidden.

  • If the above rules are violated, measures will be taken. These depend on the severity of the offence.

Measures can be:

1. Informing parents

2. Temporary exclusion from library 

3. Complete exclusion from the library 

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