The parents' council brings parents and school together. The tasks and rights of the parents' council are regulated by law. It deals, for example, with problems brought to its attention by parents and makes possible purchases that the school cannot make through parent donations. It acts in an advisory role in all matters that are of importance to the school. In most classes a class parent representative is also elected.

The tasks of the parents' council are among others:

  • to represent the interests of the parents of the students;

  • to give the parents the opportunity to inform and to express themselves;

  • to enhance the relationship of trust between parents and teachers;

  • to discuss the parents' wishes, suggestions and proposals;

  • to discuss the decision on a day off from school;

  • to advise on the use of learning materials;

  • to be heard in proceedings which may lead to the dismissal of a pupil.

Please contact us: parentscounsil@disr.edu.sa


Chairman of the parents' council: Patrick Weiss


Deputy chairman of the parents' council: Sandra Stephan / Stefan Debnar


Elternsprecher: Sandra Stephan

Stellv. Elternsprecher: -


Elternsprecher: Cali Luco


Stellv. Elternsprecher: -


Elternsprecher: Rami Moussilli

Stellv. Elternsprecher: -


Elternsprecher: Sandra Stephan

Stellv. Elternsprecher: -

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Klasse 5/6

Elternsprecher: Patrick Weiss


Stellv. Elternsprecher: Sven Rohte

Klasse 7/8

Elternsprecher: -


Stellv. Elternsprecher: -

Klasse 9

Elternsprecher: Tahir Sharif


Stellv. Elternsprecher: -


Elternsprecher: Asmaa Ahdel-Hadi


Stellv. Elternsprecher: Amr Osman

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Klasse 1

Elternsprecher: Heba Nassef


Stellv. Elternsprecher: Liesel Schulze

Klasse 2/3

Elternsprecher: Stefan Dabnar


Stellv. Elternsprecher: Peter Mosch

Klasse 4

Elternsprecher: Christian Menzel


Stellv. Elternsprecher: Samar Abolezz


Elternsprecher: Luz Marin Munoz 


Stellv. Elternsprecher: Josun Breton

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