Another special feature is the weekly two-hour BTS (Movement, Dance & Play) for classes 2 to 4, which meets the natural need of a primary school student for movement.

Through a variety of games and forms of play, the student perfects his physical and coordination abilities and acquires knowledge of rules and basic behavioural characteristics in playing with and against each other. He learns fairness, tolerance, dealing with victory and defeat as well as consideration for partners and opponents. The area of dance helps the student to develop his abilities in all areas of perception, so that the feeling for movement is optimised. Joint movement after music promotes the student's joy in dancing and creating. Through folkloric elements of dance, the student also gains access to the traditions, customs and peculiarities of the different countries that make up the DISR student community.


This subject is not assessed. Participation will be recorded in the certificate under "Remarks". 


BTS follows the same rules as physical education. Students need sport shoes and change of clothes as well as a water bottle and a hat.


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